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The WELCA (The Women's group of our church) meets on the 3rd Sunday of every month after church.  

Jan Nelson  President

Nicole Lincoln Vice President

Secretary Laura Easley

Treasurer Liz Husizer

Altar Chairman Janet Nelson

Nominating Dianne Steck and Nicole Lincoln

Coffee call Laura Easley

Supply Chairman Jan Nelson

Kitchen (food) Chairman Marilyn Ericson

Altar Flowers Jan Nelson

Social Chairman Michelle Nelson and Nicole Lincoln

Sunshine Ann Hulsizer

Budget Jan Nelson and Liz Hulsizer

January 2016
Altar and Greeting
Laura Easley and Amy Ortery
Coffee Hostess
3rd Laura Easley
10th Jan Nelson
17th Marge Krull
24th LuAnn Johnson
31st Rosie Allen

February 2016
Altar and Greeting Ronda Harrison and LuAnn Johnson
Coffee Hostess
7th LouAnn Krammer
14th Nicole Lincoln
21st Heather Nelson
28th LuAnn Johnson

March 2016
Altar and Greeting Kathy and Heather Nelson
Coffee Hostess
6th Kathy Nelson
13th Rosie Allen
20th Youth Breakfast
27th Easter

April 2016
Altar and Greeting Dean and Kristi Betts
Coffee Hostess
3rd Amy Ortery
10th Ann Hulsizer
17th Kristi Betts
24th LuAnn Johnson

May 2016
Altar and Greeting
Marilyn Ericson and Marge Krull
Coffee Hostess
1st Marilyn Ericson
8th Ronda Harrison
15th Heather Nelson
22nd Marge Krull
29th Dee Erickson

June 2016
Altar and Greeting Janet and Michelle Nelson
Coffee Hostess
5th Nicole Lincoln
12th Jan Nelson
19th Michelle Nelson
26th Liz Hulsizer

July 2016
Altar and Greeting
Jane Phillips and Liz Hulsizer
Coffee Hostess
3rd Jane Phillips
10th Jen McMurl
17th Heather Nelson
24th Debbie McKillip
31st Janet Nelson

August 2016
Altar and Greeting
Vicki Johnson and LouAnn Krammer
Coffee Hostess
7th Vicki Johnson
14th Dee Erickson
21st Visitation Sunday
28th Visitation Sunday
September 2016
Altar and Greeting
Cheryl Heady and Jan Nelson
Coffee Hostess
4th Michelle Nelson
11th Rally Day
18th Cheryl Heady
25th Ann Hulsizer

October 2016

Altar and Greeting Gary and Cyndy Deitch
Coffee Hostess
2nd Kristi Betts
9th Heather Nelson
16th Jan Nelson
23rd LouAnn Krammer
30th Dee Erickson

November 2016
Altar and Greeting
Laura Easley and Amy Ortery
Coffee Hostess
6th Amy Ortery
13th Rosie Allen
20th Liz Hulsizer
27th Kristi Betts

December 2016
Altar and Greeting
Rosie Allen and Dianne Steck
Coffee Hostess
4th Dianne Steck
11th Nicole Lincoln
18th Christmas Program

January 2017
Altar and Greeting
Rosie Allen and Ann Hulsizer
Coffee Hostess
8th LuAnn Johnson
15th Laura Easley
22nd Michelle Nelson
29th Liz Hulsizer